Buisness Telephone Systems

Phone Systems

Every successful business needs an efficient business telephone system to communicate with customers, partners, suppliers and internal employees. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a reliable phone system that will increase productivity as well as reduce phone bills.

A2Z Datacoms are specialized in providing business phone systems, offering a complete range of digital and IP phones, hosted VoIP, conference units, and peripherals suited for business of all sizes and industries. We guarantee any solutions we propose are cost effective and suitable for your business, helping you to achieve your current and long-term goals.


Whether you’re on another call, extremely busy or it is outside normal office hours, our range of office voicemail systems will ensure your company conveys a professional image at all times and helps you maintain excellent customer service levels never missing that all important call.

You want to make the most your customer’s patience, so a well thought out message will not only improve your customer’s experience but provides an excellent opportunity to market your company, products and services to a captive audience.

A message on hold system allows your business to convey a professional image to your customers and reassure them that their call will be answered as quickly as possible, which helps to boost your levels of customer satisfaction.

A2Z Datacoms  can custom make an On Hold Message using professional male or female Voice Over Artists and provide you with a selection of music styles to suit your business. Just tell us what you want your customers to hear and we’ll do the rest.

Prices range from $450.00 for a 5 minute message, up to $600.00 for an on hold message and playback device. For more information please call: 1300 857 559